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[Symantec] ATP : Endpoint

2017-08-23 19:03
Symantec ™ Advanced Threat Protection: Endpoint is a new solution that leverages already deployed Symantec ™ Endpoint Protection to discover and prioritize intelligent attacks on all endpoints. All in one click
Any attacking malware can be found and removed from the endpoint system.
Symantec ™ Advanced Threat Protection: When using the Network or Symantec ™ Email, Symantec's Synapse ™ correlation technology automatically aggregates events from all control points protected by Symantec,
Enables organizations to prioritize the most serious security threats.

Key Features and Benefits
We also discovered attacks that crossed detection technology by linking global telemetry information provided by the world's largest cyber intelligence network with local customer contexts.

Find and remove any malware from all endpoints in your office with a single mouse click

Leverage existing Symantec Endpoint Protection without installing new endpoint agents

Symantec ™ Advanced Threat Protection: Network, Symantec ™ Email, and Symantec ™ Advanced Threat Protection: Integrate with email to monitor all intelligence attacks across all control points