Main Function

  • It may be used separately or as part of an extensive solution because it has fully interoperable components as a modular solution composed of seven core components
  • Major infrastructure function common to all modules include the function that normalize as well as analyze a vast amount of data, framework distinct data that is highly scalable, include customizable web-based dashboards as well as reports and workflow integrating function with the problem solving ticketing system
  • Strong integration with the Symantec Data Loss Prevention is used to identify where most important data is located so that the IT assets on which the relevant data resides definitely comply with the mandatory security as well as regulation policy
  1. Symantec Control Compliance Suite Policy Manager – Enables simple policy management by accommodating numerous policies, automatically connecting to check items and by providing out-of-the-box policy content that is updated every quarter of a year
  2. Symantec Control Compliance Suite Risk Manager – Make influence that a IT risk has from a business perspective that align with the work-site operation department, determine IT risk threshold values with the department manager, assign ownership and trace risk mitigating effect in accordance with the flow of time
  3. Symantec Control Compliance Suite Standards Manager – Evaluate whether the security, configuration and patching of the system is applied correctly or not as the configuration assessment system of the industry leader
  4. Symantec Control Compliance Suite Vulnerability Manager – Comprehend the overall security threat conditions of the IT infrastructure as a glance by implementing overall vulnerability assessment with the web application, database, server, and other network devices as the subject of assessment
  5. Symantec Control Compliance Suite Virtualization Security Manager – Enable you to take advantages of virtualization without influencing security of compliance
  6. Symantec Control Compliance Suite Assessment Manager – Simplify assessment of procedural check items by providing automated web-based survey functions that may be utilized to assess overall security recognition assessment of employees
  7. Symantec Control Compliance Suite Vendor Risk Manager – Actively assess and monitor the risk conditions of the vendor to protect important data as well as to reduce business risks

Major Benefits

Improve visibility about the conditions of the IT risks

  • Prevent threats about important asserts and information in advance
  • Prioritize corrective actions based on risks – Preferentially resolve asset and process with the highest priority
  • Minimize risks of important assets by resolving problems in a faster manner

Simplify the management of various regulations on duty

  • Remove common control duplications that are repeated in various regulations on duty
  • Support organizational changes by delivering suitable information to the appropriate people
  • Deliver consolidated reports as the evidence of auditable compliance

Minimize compliance expenses and complexity

  • Substitute inefficient manual compliance process
  • Settle the need to employee an in-house regulation specialist
  • Support enterprise-wide scope utilizing one tool