Many organizations are struggling to identify data users as well as owners of un-structured data. This problem is further complicated due to the lack of understanding about the contents and data types that are spread throughout the organization’s computing environment. With Symantec Data Insight, users can automatically identify the data user of the file based on the access record by monitoring the file access rights. This way, the usage information is automatically entered in the incident statement of files that violate the Symantec Data Loss Prevention policy. By doing so, the user and the manager can together confirm important data and implement efficient revision as well as data management.


Main Function

  • Visibility
    Manage data life cycle and take measures in accordance with the compliance as well as threat reduction plans by searching un-structured data and by investigating data with metadata, life expectancy, rights, usage record, ownership, etc
  • Analysis
    Provide intelligence that can be used to analyze metadata. Provides functions to control access, manage data and revise information security through self-service portal. Search data usage policy violations and external users.
  • Work
    Automatically archive data by using the Symantec Enterprise Vault. Incarnate user defining actions related to data processing, migration, access control, etc.
  • Connector
    Strongly protect information through integration with Symantec Data Loss Prevention. Provide intelligent preservation management through integration with Symantec Enterprise Vault. Integrate business process and support application of other companies through flexible query interface.