Solution for blocking and searching real-time important information leakage on endpoint such as the external storage devices and network transmissions, etc


Main Function

  • Rank the threats of endpoint so that confidential data stored on laptops and desktops can be searched and so that additional protection measures can be taken and to prevent confidential data from being copied to a USB device, copied to CD/DVD or be downloaded to a local drive
  • Confirm whether the laptop holds personal information data such as the identification number and discriminately apply full disk encryption
  • Search source code that has been inappropriately stored on the workstation of the outsourcing engineer
  • Prevent employees from copying product design documents to the USB drives
  • Educate employees through the automated on-screen reminders when confidential data is needed to be protected

Major Benefits

  • Fully manage endpoints to store confidential data by user, department or policy
  • Distinguish outdated data that needs to be deleted from the endpoint
  • Accurate search function the minimize data leakage as well as false detection rates
  • Support legitimate use of endpoint devices
  • Support governmental as well as internal regulation compliance such as the PCI, GLBA, HIPAA, etc
  • High-performance parallel search that minimizes network bandwidth consumption
  • Continuous search and protection of internal as well as external networks