Support complete security visibility, advanced network analysis (forensics),
real-time security threat detection with the intensive full packet capture technique

Investigates all sources and scopes of threats by integrated network forensics analysis

Serves at the security camera of DVR in the network

Symantec Security Analytics supports complete network security visibility, cutting-edge network forensics analysis, abnormal factor detection and real-time content inspection for all network traffics with the intensive complete packet capture function. Security violations can be solved in a shorter period of time than the existing process through the utilization of such detailed records to implement analysis research of network forensics while quickly responding to emergencies. Security Analytics, as a cutting-edge network forensics analyzing tool, can be used for the following reasons:

  • Quickly respond by grasping an understanding for all sources and scopes of all threats
  • Provide a short and clear answer as well as evidence to the emergency responding team
  • Utilize outstanding data reinforcement and security threat intelligence
  • Add context to the existing security tool
  • Expand all investigation scopes of the network, endpoint and e-mail by integrating with the Symantec ATP


Analysis of security risks through a click of a button

Confirmation of the company’s network conditions

All you have to do it collect traffics after establishing Security Analytics appliance or virtual appliance to the network. After few days or weeks of running, create an integrated PDF report that covers main areas, including

  • The number of files that are expected to be hidden in the encrypted traffic
  • The amount of encrypted traffic that pass through the network
  • Dangerous application in the network
  • Abnormal network behavior based on the actual traffic benchmark
  • Prioritize measures by synthesizing summaries that can be shared with the security team or management

Overcome the limitations of manual forensics analysis and packet capture

Automatically responds to emergencies rather than to stay in the manual forensics analysis.

The emergency response team can investigate who, when and how the security accident occurred by utilizing the comprehensive ‘SoR (System of Record)’ to shorten the problem solving time, research the basis of the cause, investigate the deep packet, strengthen integrated reputation service as well as to repost about malignant activities based on cutting-edge contents.

  • Connects new security threat intelligence to all traffic data
  • Utilize various reputation sources
  • Detect abnormal factors with an elaborate method
  • SCADA protocol inspection
  • To save resources, extract and transmit only unidentified files for sandbox analysis

Security Threat Tracking: Preventive cyber security method

Advanced prevention rather than posterior measures


IT security team that utilizes the Symantec Security Analytics is capable of detecting hidden security threats or vulnerabilities in networks, endpoints, servers, for advanced prevention reasons and thereby detect and remove advanced security threats before they turn into attacks.

Grasp an understanding about the source and scope of evolving attacks through outstanding data intensification and security threat intelligence

Detect security threats hidden in encrypt traffic when established together with Symantec SSL Visibility

Shorten solving time with elaborate data detection and cutting-edge network forensics analyzing function



Detect threats hidden in encrypt traffic

Actualize integrated visibility for network traffic by establishing together with the Symantec SSL Visibility.


Detailed network forensics analysis and monitoring can be conducted for all network traffics, thousands of applications, dozens of file transfers, and all flows as well as packets as the subject. It also supports encrypt traffics when it is established together with Symantec SSL Visibility. By connecting it with viable intelligence, you can secure comprehensive visibility about the network traffic, which will allow you to quickly resolve exposure to risks and alleviate ongoing risks.

Secure detailed insights from all forensics analysis captures
Set a policy that allows decoding of selective SSL traffics
Share the encrypt traffic insight with the security application