Solution Development

We, ESCARE Co., Ltd. are capable of maximizing customer security awareness and work efficiency as well.
We develop and supply solution that is capable of protecting business data as well as customer data through solution development.

File approval system

Main data that requires exportation for business purposes can be converted into a file that may be exported through acquiring the approval of the approver.

Media approval system

Provide media use through an approval if the use of the medium is necessary and allow you to confirm the history of use.

Data file calling system

If important files existing in the terminal are required to be retained for business purposes, it may be retained through calling and provide advanced measures for data leakage by automatically deleting unexplained data files.

Printout security system

Provide watermark function to search contents of main data present in the output and to allow printing of output while including the data of the printer in the output itself.

Cloud security system

The installation of the PowerPack.C Agent in the cloud environment not only provides protection against threats as well as block/approval about media use without the need to build a separate management server, but also provides additional protective action function for businesses that need to use the vaccine by providing safety security folders to prevent ransomware infection.